Slant Bed Lathe

What Is a Slant Bed Lathe

In the machine tool industry, the slant bed lathe is a traditional lathe unit that belongs to the conservative category. Lathes in general allow users to perform most turning task, but a poorly positioned base can lead to chip problems. Slant bed lathes are widely used in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, there are no standards or restrictions regarding the design and specifications of the slant bed lathe. 

The nature of the slant bed lathe allows chips produced by the cutting movement to be removed easily. Since a lathe is also called a turning center, it is a machine tool that rotates a workpiece on a rotating shaft to perform various processes, such as cutting, knurling, grinding, drilling, deformation, end face machining, and turning. This machining is performed by using a tool that is applied to the target workpiece and creates an object with a symmetrical profile, which is driven by the spindle.

Horizontal and Vertical Arrangement

As with lathes in general, slant bed lathes can be divided into two main types based on how the workpiece is held, namely the vertical slant bed lathes and horizontal slant bed lathes. For the latter, the workpiece is clamped on the joint of the spindle, which is driven by the belt, directly driven or driven by the power output of the built-in motor. At the same time, the hydraulic clamping force is activated by the air cylinder installed next to the headstock of the chuck device to ensure that the fixing force is firmly stabilized. This way, if the rotation speed is too high, the workpiece will not be scattered. However, if the length of the workpiece is long, which usually causes straightness problems. There will be a tailstock there to ensure that the longer workpiece is fixed from head to toe, and make the machining process smooth and precise.

For vertical counterpart, the workpiece is clamped vertically. The cutting tools are installed in the same direction so that the machining is performed vertically. Compared with the horizontal method, this type of clamping is more secure and fixed due to the effect of gravity. Manufacturers of vertical lathes usually turn their vertical lathes into first-class manufacturing equipment for users in various industrial fields pursuing high precision. With the vertical clamping mechanism, the spindle of the vertical lathe is also located behind the chuck, while some may be belt driven and some may be other types of drive mechanisms.

Complementing Power Tools

Like other milling machines and machining centers, slant bed lathes can also be equipped with power tools and tool magazines to improve their functionality and versatility and provide users with greater processing possibilities. Power turret is a modern standard accessory for many slant bed CNC lathes, as one of the most important accessories for lathe users. Taiwan suppliers have targeted this business and have developed many well-known power turret and power tool companies to support the demands of lathe users all over the global market. Many power turrets are driven by a single motor with servo function, which can ensure the best processing effect and save the best energy consumption. At the same time, they can also provide high rigidity for the workpiece and ideal cutting performance.

Other Important Supportive Accessories

In addition to power turrets, tool magazines and automatic tool changers (ATC) are also the best-selling products of Taiwanese machine tool parts suppliers. Taiwan's tool magazine and ATC system can provide customers with the best tool time according to their cycle engineering to help manufacturers meet their order requirements.

Compared with global competitors, Taiwanese know how to provide comprehensive services to the best-planned global customers based on local conditions. Therefore, products equipped with machine tools or accessories have actually been upgraded to the latest version to meet the order requirements. Spindles, chucks, and corresponding hydraulic cylinders are also highly developed in Taiwan. Coupled with the CNC lathe market, many lathe products and accessories are widely distributed in different industries and applications around the world, which makes the accessories market one of the major export businesses of Taiwan's expertise.

Development of Lathe-Related Accessories

Amongst all accessories, the development of power turrets, power tools, automatic pallet changers, and the fourth axis are of ongoing trend. Once installed on the lathe, they become extremely versatile. In order to make better use of these accessories, the lathe is equipped with milling capability. Therefore, you can change the turning to a turning center, also called a turning and milling center, which is very different from the ordinary lathe in many ways. Therefore, the current trend in the industry is to provide customers with more optimal products while choosing lathes, and make their production lines more flexible in manufacturing.

In addition, industrial sensors are a recent new technology revolution. Not only for lathe machinery, but also for various machine tools that help manufacturers to achieve intelligent manufacturing goals. Despite the success of this state-of-the-art technology, the development in this area is still under general research procedures.

Built-in Nature Wins

The built-in nature of slant bed CNC lathe is that if the manufacturer knows how to handle the chips, the removal of the chips and the following chip conveying are much easier. For high chip making process, this lathe with CNC-based programmed cutting paths is a better choice and can meet the needs of industrial processing.

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